Chuckanut Releases Barrel-Aged Barleywine

After Chuckanut Brewery and Whatcom County’s North Fork Brewery got together at South Nut to collaborate on a Barleywine, Chuckanut decided to put some of the beer into Westland Distilleries whiskey barrels as part of an exchange project. The oak whiskey barrels will be returned empty back to Westland who will then fill them with one of their distilled products. Meanwhile Chuckanut has kegged off the Barrel Aged Barleywine and hand bottled 500ML bottles in very limited amounts to be released on February 10, just in time for Super Bowl weekend! The release party will be held at P. Nut Beer Hall in Portland and South Nut Tap Room in Burlington (Skagit Valley). P. Nut will also have Pacific Ice Smoked Fish team and Farmer and The Beast Smash Burgers on hand for a great pairing to the Barrel Aged Barleywine.

If you tried the stainless Chuckanut Barleywine you’ll definitely want to try the Barrel Aged for another taste treat. It’s quite different due to the whiskey barrel’s flavors and alcohols. In the barrel the Barleywine has taken on some of the oak, deepened stone fruit flavors and additional ABV (the Barrel Aged Barleywine is 10.8%ABV as opposed to 10.3% for regular Barleywine). This higher ABV adds more depth and richness to an already rich ale. The hops only help to balance out the caramel and toffee sweetness inherent in the maltiness of the barleywine. Lots of rich wine (portlike) flavors abound. This is a beer for sipping and should be served in stemmed glassware for a complete experience.

Get in for Chuckanut’s Barrel Aged Barleywine Bottle release on Friday the 10th starting at noon at P. Nut and South Nut. P. Nut food pairing options include Pacific Ice Smoked Fish hot smoked salmon, rockfish and other NW seafood in vacuum packed servings. Farmer and The Beast will have their special smash burgers and sandwiches. Bottles are only available at Chuckanut’s two locations. This is another collector’s edition beer that can be aged in the proper conditions for some time. Supplies are limited so if you want a well-aged beer for your Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays 2023, you’ll need to get Barrel Aged Barleywine bottles before they run out.

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