West Sixth Announces Brand New Seasonal “Sun Shade Wheat”

West Sixth Brewing, one of Kentucky’s largest and most established craft breweries, today announced the newest addition to its Seasonal Rotator series of beers. 

Sun Shade Wheat is a 5% ABV light and sessionable American Wheat Ale. A sweet bready malt flavor is balanced by additions of orange peel to make this refreshing beer perfect for springtime sunshine. It is the first wheat ale that West Sixth has packaged in 6-pack cans since Lemongrass American Wheat.

“If you look at the weather forecast this week, it feels like Spring has finally arrived in Kentucky,” said Andy Smith, head brewer at West Sixth Brewing. “It’s the perfect time for an American Wheat Ale; light and refreshing but still carrying a solid malt backbone and character to back it up. Think of it as the beer you can drink on both those warm days and cool nights, gearing up for that transition into the hot summer months ahead.” 

The Seasonal Rotator series also includes Good Beer, a classic lager, DankeChain Oktoberfest, and Packaway, a Vienna style lager. This is the first American Wheat to enter the series, and is expected to perform well. 

“American Wheat Ales can be a little sneaky in terms of how they do in the market,” said Brady Barlow, co-founder at West Sixth Brewing. “Most IRI data you read will deliver the same news: IPAs are the kings and queens in the craft beer kingdom. But American Wheats do really well in stores. They’re accessible to a pretty broad range of consumers and meet somewhere in the middle of what many people are looking for in terms of flavor expectations.” 

Sun Shade Wheat will be available on draught and six-packs to-go in the four West Sixth locations and out in the market starting this month. It is expected to be available through the end of July, at which point it will be replaced by the next installment in the Seasonal Rotator series, DankeChain. 

For more info about this release and other updates on West Sixth Brewing, follow them on Instagram at @westsixth or online at https://www.westsixth.com/

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