Ninkasi’s Stratascope IPA Set for Limited Spring, Summer Release

Stratascope IPA is just one recent success from Ninkasi Brewing’s new 5-barrel Pilot system. This beer was originally brewed on their innovative small-batch system in February 2020 and then scaled up to production levels for this release throughout their distribution channels.

“Our pilot brewing system has allowed us to innovate in new ways,” said Director of Brewing Operations Dr. Daniel Sharp. “It’s fun to experiment with these new hops to create some delicious new beers with the complex aroma and flavor profiles they emit.”

Stratascope IPA was preceded by Galaxy Trippin’ Stellar IPA, another limited-edition beer showcasing the complex flavors of a single hop (in Galaxy Trippin’s case, the galaxy hop). This seasonal IPA will stay on shelves until Ninkasi’s winter 2021 seasonal.

Ninkasi’s year-round lineup offers a full spectrum of beer styles, including their flagship Total Domination Northwest IPA alongside Tricerahops Double IPA, Prismatic Juicy IPA, Oatis Oatmeal Stout, Pilsner Cold Fermented Lager, Dawn of the Red IPA, Heart and Science West Coast IPA, Juicy Domination Tropical IPA, Velocihoptor Guardian IPA, and Megalodom Legendary IPA.

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