Can Implementing Artificial Intelligence Tools Better Your Brewery?

As Artificial Intelligence continues to grow, the use in a brewery can give a multitude of uses and Brewer asked how this tool can help a brewery get better.

That doesn’t mean having AI do all the work, just complementing what is already being done.

One of the marketing pieces Walnut River Brewing develops is a zine for distributors and retailers that features the coming year’s distro calendar. Marketing Director Ben Wheeler said for this year they used Adobe Firefly and the AI features in the Adobe Suite to help with a couple of our images. 

“Using AI, we were able to generate a fall background for our Oktoberfest beer, even though it was the heat of summer,” he said. “Part of our AI use was because of its convenience, but we also want to communicate to our partners that we’re not afraid of innovation and moving forward.”

The image uses can abound for breweries across the country.

Blake Crawford, the COO for The Alementary said the New Jersey brewery has used AI for label image ideas.  

“It’s nice to get a bit out of your comfort zone and just ask the machine a question,” he said. “We’ve not taken AI work directly, but we’ve definitely used it for inspiration.”

From beer descriptors and social media posts to finding gaps in the company’s SOPs, using a tool like Chat GPT has helped give Abettor Brewing’s John Howard more time to focus on little things that may have slipped through the cracks.

“My role at the brewery has evolved from taproom manager to kind of a “everything manager” except for brewing,” he said about the Kentucky brewery. “I was doing so much, I’m able to get back into paying attention to the small details that are customer centric and customer perception, which is very important obviously.”

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Findlay Brewing Company took ChatGPT for a ride to see if it could create a beer for the Ohio brewery back in May. Co-founder Aaron Osborne said he is fascinated with what the app can do and started to see if it could make a beer for him.

Along with creating the recipe (a Pale Ale with Centennial and Cascade additions), Osborne used the app to create a beer name (Thirsty Narwhal) and an image to have on the taproom wall. They also used ChatGPT to write a press release and social media posts.

But no one wants a computer to make the beer for them, Osborne concluded. 

“It can be done, I’m sure. A big company like Miller or Coors … whoever … if they have a fully automated brewhouse, they could probably plug in ChatGPT to just knock out new beer recipes for them all day, every day,” he said. “Do people actually want that? Probably not. But all the other aspects of AI are fascinating, to me. I can plug in a recipe we have and ask what are some other variations on this? There’s been a lot of people using it to help them formulate recipes, tweak their styles, or create brew log sheets, and all sorts of things on the backend. It’s kind of handy.”

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Neshaminy Creek’s Kyle Park, the Pennsylvania brewery’s Director of Sales and Marketing told Brewer they have not looked into using AI as a tool. 

“Craft beer has an inherent DIY soul,” Park said, adding, “We’ll be out on the porch yelling at the kids to get off our lawn…for now.”

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