What is Your Brewery’s Best ROI?

Return on Investment. What you put into it and what do you get out of it. The question of: What is the best ROI for your brewery netted some varied responses and all insightful.

Equipment was brought up. Investments in technology that can speed up a process was also mentioned.

The top answer was: people.

“The right people are everything; the only thing,” said Zak Koga of Karben4. “We are always looking for strong people or trying to keep strong people, or grow strong people. Strong people are the most elusive but single most important thing for any company.”

Jamil Zainasheff of Heretic Brewing said he believes that breweries that focus on on experience can be a mistake.

“Hire passionate, smart people and the returns are phenomenal,” he said. “You’d be shocked at how really smart people come up with solutions to problems that save all sorts of money.weldworks brewing

“They learn how to do jobs faster and more efficiently. Our greatest resource is smart people. That is a fact in business that is too often overlooked.”

With those people is giving them the time to use their resource wisely to pay off the most, noted Angel City’s Dan Shapiro.

“We make sure that the brewers have the time and the freedom to try out their own beer projects, and those tend to be the beers that turn into something special,” said Shapiro, the brewery’s Marketing and Events Coordinator. “Some of our most popular beers have come out of the brewers just messing around on the pilot system.”

Added Chris Reed, the Sales and Marketing Director for Core Brewing: “Find the right people that are passionate and act as true brand evangelists and the rest is easy.”


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