Brewery Tours: How To Improve Customer Experience

Boulevard Brewing Co.
Boulevard Brewing Co.

Offering tours of your brewery can help people get to know your brand, give customers a taste of the brewing experience, and get people excited about drinking beer. Having a good brewery tour and offering different options can be essential for consumers who want a fun, hands-on experience as well as give those who want to learn more about advanced brewing techniques.

Troëgs Independent Brewing offers three tour options as well as a weekly food and beer pairing event.

“What makes the Troëgs line-up of tours is unique is the variety of experiences we offer,” said Christie Yurkovic, Brewery Experience and Tour Supervisor for Troëgs.

Troëgs offers tours with beginner beer knowledge as well as those with advanced brewing techniques, catering to a variety of beer drinkers.

“As our tour experiences have grown and evolved over the years, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our guests, which has helped us in the creation of our different tours,” said Yurkovic said. “Additionally, this year, our Guided Production Tour was voted the fourth best brewery tour in the nation through USA Today.”

The first tour is a self-guided walking tour allowing guests of all ages to see the production brewery from start to finish, available every day during business hours. Those over 21 are encouraged to grab a beer while they check out the brewery.

The second option is a $10 Guided Production Tour, also available every day, giving the drinking public a chance to look behind the scenes and follow in the footsteps of Troëgs’ brewers through the mill room, hop cooler, brewhouse deck, fermentation cellar, and packaging lines. This hour-long tour includes at least three samples and a souvenir pint glass for guests. 

The 90-minute Splinter Tour for $30 gives guests the chance to see how and why beer is aged on wood. Legal age customers can taste developing beers straight from Troëgs’ handmade wooden foeders alongside the finished version. 

They also sample Bourbon barrel-aged beers paired with a bite of food. Guests take home a chalice glass at the end as well as a box of house-made salted caramels that pair with the beer. These tours are offered on the first and third Saturday of each month.

Troëgs also has its new $20 Pairs Well Tasting Workshop, a new experience, led by the team every Saturday. 

“During this 45-minute-long workshop, we lead our guests through four beer and food pairings, highlighting house-made and locally-sourced ingredients,” Yurkovic said. “Guests will discover how a perfect pairing can be even better than the sum of its delicious parts, plus take home a pairing guide for their next get-together.”

Great Divide Brewing Co.

At Boulevard Brewing Co., guests can pick from four different options. A 45-minute tour for $5 is offered every day at varying times. Guests can also choose a $25 Smokestack Tour and Tasting option which lasts two hours with an in-depth tour and guided food and beer pairings.

The Unfiltered Tour is $30, also two hours, which includes a walking tour of the facility, new production stops, and a souvenir branded tasting notebook and glass.

Boulevard also has private tours, after which guests can enjoy a complimentary beer in the Beer Hall.

For Great Divide Brewing Company, all public tours are free and occur at least once a day.

Guests can tour either the original brewery and taproom or the Barrel Bar and packaging facility. In the original brewery, customers have the chance to tour inside and out.

“Tour-goers can stand in our tank farm outside which is comprised of dozens of massive fermentation vessels providing a very unique experience,” said Matt Sandy, Marketing Manager for Great Divide. “At our packaging facility, tour-goers can see our impressive canning line which fills cans at a rate of 360 per minute along with our hop cooler and kegging line.”

At the end of each tour, guests will see the barrel-aging room, featuring hundreds of barrels of beer in various states of the aging process. Samples are offered at the end of tours, and customers get a dollar off their next beer for turning their tour ticket back in.

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