Brewer Mag Video Podcast with Dockside Brewery

Six iterations of Dockside’s upcoming NEIPA, Dockmaster, has been brewed under the guise of its Pilot series for the past year and half. It was also the first time Brewer Dylan Salvatore worked with the whole team in putting a beer out to market in all aspects … from recipe (including different hops & malts than normal), to branding and marketing, to label design.

“I got to put my hands on everything, which is not normal for a brewer,” he told Brewer Mag Executive Editor, Jon Sicotte in this Podcast and Brew Review. “We felt it was a cool addition to sort of set it apart from the Citra/Mosaic repeat we are seeing,” he said.

The release of this beer will be for the Connecticut brewery’s Dock Days event in early May.

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