Brew Review: Properly Dosing Fruit For Unfiltered Wheats — Boulevard Brewing

For Boulevard Brewing Company, creating its unfiltered wheat beers was all about tweaking the recipes and using tasting panels to develop the beers.

The brewers at Boulevard took what they knew about brewing Unfiltered Wheat Beer, a refreshing ale with a cloudy appearance and a natural citrusy flavor, and brewed limited editions of Unfiltered Grapefruit Wheat and Unfiltered Kiwi Wheat, which hit shelves in early May.

The original tasting and testing for Fruit Unfiltered Wheat was a bench test in the lab for the brewery in Kansas City, Missouri by the sensory manager along with the brewmaster Steven Pauwels. 

“We developed a line of fruited beers and had our sensory panel and our management team taste the different options before deciding on which fruit combos move ahead,” Pauwels said. With the sensory panels’ feedback on different fruits and combinations, they were able to move forward in developing the beers, which each come out to 4.4% ABV.

The next step was brewing a 30-barrel batch to check the scaled up product before moving into production. 

Boulevard works with a broker for fruit sourcing and uses juices and concentrates in the beer to ensure consistency. On each delivery, the brewery follows up with Certificates of Analysis for quality control purposes.

Unfiltered Grapefruit Wheat takes on a lemon note, same as the original, and adds a layer of grapefruit, according to the release, while Unfiltered Kiwi Wheat bursts with the sweet flavor of kiwi.

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