Birds Fly South Ale Project Shares Lived Experience on Starting a Craft Brewery in New Video Beer Blog Series

Thinking of launching a brewery? Should be pretty straight forward, right? Just make good beer, have a cool taproom, and you’ll sell beer like hot cake. As many who have ventured into this industry realize it is not that simple. In this new video blog series, The Bird Call, Lindsay and Shawn Johnson share how they left the military service to pursue their passion and founded a wild beer focused brewery, Birds Fly South Ale Project, in Greenville, SC.

The Initial Plan

What was initially planned to be a small 900 bbl brewery bar with a few select styles morphed into a full production brewery distributing over 3,000 bbl annually of both wild and modern beer styles across six states and now decorated in over 20 industry awards. There have been plenty of surprises along the way coupled with difficulties and highly rewarding moments. Lindsay reflects “I would hang on tight… It’s a constant learning experience.”

The Bird Call | Video Blog Series

In this new video blog series by Birds, the couple shares their advice and experience. “There’s a lot of things you end up having to learn a lot about that you’d never thought you’d have to.” Shawn says “Running a brewery is like running multiple businesses in one. We’re part beer bar, part production, part marketing and sales.”

In this first video episode the following questions are covered as part of the discussion:

  • Why did you open Birds Fly South Ale Project?
  • What advice would you give someone opening a brewery?
  • What were some of the biggest surprises along the way?
  • How rewarding is it to own a brewery?
  • Watch the full episode via the link below and stay tuned each month as the Birds will continue to release monthly episode discussing all things beer including such as brewing with Brettanomyces and how long to barrel age beer while featuring different guests. 

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