Belching Beaver Rolls Out Refresh With Unique Art

Belching Beaver is celebrating ten years in October and thought this was the perfect time to refresh its core line-up.

The brewery has always prided itself on having a whimsical, fun brand and they wanted to make sure that was reflected in their labels. The inspiration for the direction of the new labels came from their No Worries IPA brand released in 2021. The label’s main focus is a beaver, lounging on an inner tube, surrounded by sharks, throwing up the shaka brah, drinking a beer. It has a center focal art piece that illustrates a story: when things aren’t going well, kick back, have a beer and try to remember it too will pass. They wanted their new labels to showcase a unique art piece but also, either focus on the flavors of the beer or tell a story of where the inspiration for the beer came from.

“We really have a great time refreshing our labels, I always look forward to the creative process,” said Tom Vogel CEO at Belching Beaver Brewery. “Getting the team around the table and going through all the ideas; it’s just really cool to have everyone’s input and come out with something fun that we think shows that beer is all about good times.”

“Our flagship beer and still our number one selling brand, Peanut Butter Milk Stout, got a well-deserved facelift by elaborating on the logo and giving it more of a timeless look,” said Haley Smith Marketing Manager at Belching Beaver Brewery. This was the beer that put us on the map, and it continues to do well for us.” “We put on the label “America’s Favorite Peanut Butter Milk Stout,” and as we know that’s a bold statement, we’re really proud of this brand and what it’s done for our company.” “With a 4.0 rating on Untappd and over 115,000 reviews, we’re really proud of that.”

Must Be The Honey! a honey blonde ale that’s been in the company’s portfolio since they opened, now showcases a dripping pot of honey with a beaver face on the front. You know exactly the main flavor in the beer, it’s loaded with notes of honey, but still uses their mascot in a fun, different way.

The company’s flagship IPA, Phantom Bride, their first collaboration with the band Deftones, also got an update.

“This one was a little different from a design perspective,” said Haley Smith Marketing Manager at Belching Beaver Brewery. “This brand is very special to us, and we didn’t want to change it too much.” “We still love the art but wanted to brighten it up.” “We put it on a white background with both our logos tiled behind the beaver skull.”

The brewery also made the decision to put Phantom Bride in a box, versus using PakTechs (a plastic handle that holds the cans.)

“This will be our first brand we test in a box,” said Troy Smith Brewmaster at Belching Beaver Brewery. “Since we are putting so much emphasis on the art for this refresh, we felt the box gives us more space to play with.”

The brewery will also be releasing its tenth collaboration in August with Deftones. It’s the year of 10’s for Belching Beaver.

Viva La Beaver, a Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout, the company’s core imperial stout, celebrates Mexican street art with a bright, vibrant painting of the beaver on a brick wall. The beaver is holding a bar of chocolate, to showcase the real Mexican chocolate they use in the beer. The chocolate is what gives this beer it’s best features, notes of cinnamon and a distinct spiced flavor.

You will start to see the new Peanut Butter Milk Stout, Must Be The Honey!, and Phantom Bride cans hitting shelves the end of January. Viva La Beaver will show up on shelves in Summer.

Belching Beaver is distributed in 14 states: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MN, NV, OR, NE, TX, UT, WA, WI

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