Galindo Named Director of Ops for The MJF

The Michael James Jackson Foundation for Brewing & Distilling (The MJF) has announced that it has made its first staff hire since its founding in 2020, appointing Breeze Galindo as Director of Operations.

Galindo previously served as Lead Brewer at Other Half Brewing, facilitating the team and its day to day brewing operations at its original Centre Street location in Brooklyn. She has also been a member of The MJF Board of Directors since its founding, a role she will continue as she leads operations for the nonprofit foundation. In her capacity as Director of Operations, Galindo will help to lead and manage The MJF’s fundraising, partnerships, scholarship recipient relations, mentorship program, and industry visibility.

The mission of the MJF is to advance technical education and facilitate career opportunities for people of color within the brewing and distilling industries in the United States. The foundation accomplishes these goals in two ways: funding scholarship awards to accredited brewing and distilling technical courses, and personalized mentorship of grantees by industry professionals.

“I’m excited to offer even more of my time and talents to The MJF as Director of Operations,” stated Galindo. “As a woman of color who got her foot in the door and advanced in the industry, I feel like it’s my responsibility to help others like me do the same. This role will help the foundation make even more impact through our scholarship and mentorship opportunities, and I’m looking forward to playing a bigger role in those activities.”

Prior to Galindo’s appointment, The MJF’s day to day operations, as well as its strategic operations, were handled by founder and chair, Garrett Oliver. With Galindo in her new capacity, Oliver will be able to focus more of his time on strategic growth of the foundation.

“Breeze has been a phenomenal Board member for The MJF over the past few years,” commented Oliver. “She’s been instrumental in getting our mentorship program off the ground and is absolutely the right person to add as our first staff member. I’m looking forward to working closer with her and seeing the value she brings to The MJF.”

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