Beer Release — The Wolf – Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels

This beer is a bit dangerous. It’s packed with flavor — rich bourbon, warm wood tannins and notes of sweet caramel and chocolate. Yet it’s so easy-drinking that you won’t notice the 12.3% ABV. The Wolf is a simple beer at heart, a classic imperial stout with a robust malt bill, but has a science-y trick up its sleeve.

We treated the alcohol sweetness as an ingredient instead of an afterthought, using it to harness the strong bourbon notes and maintain the beer’s light body. The result? The liquid equivalent of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This year being what it is, we decided that having something special all summer long was needed. So we’re launching the “Summer of The Wolf”. This year we will have a new Wolf variant (or variants) available roughly every three weeks all summer long.

With the exception of the two individual 12 oz. cans that will be available in stores – The Wolf Layered and The Wolf w/Blueberry – all of our variants will be taproom only.

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