New Belgium Brewing & TRVE Brewing Collaborate to Create ‘Where I Live’

New Belgium Brewing is excited to release Where I Live, a dark sour blended with TRVE Brewing’s mixed culture beer and featuring 100% Colorado-grown malt and whole flower lavender. A beer only made possible by a legal loophole, Where I Live hits the shelves this Black Friday.

Lauren Limbach, New Belgium Wood Cellar Director and Blender, and Nick Nunns, Founder of TRVE Brewing, have long dreamt of blending their sour beers. Though blending wood aged sours is an ancient Belgian tradition and deeply rooted in New Belgium’s heritage, until recently it wasn’t legal between domestic breweries. In December of 2017 the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform legalized brewery-to-brewery tax-free transfers of beer, allowing this dream collaboration to become reality.

“When we first started talking about this collaboration at GABF 2016, it wasn’t even legal,” says Limbach. “U.S. brewers couldn’t send beer to each other for this kind of project. That changed in late 2017, paving the way for what we think is the first beer of its kind in the U.S. — legally, at least.”

Where I Live uses malts from Troubadour Maltings in Fort Collins to create the base beer, which was fermented on Norwegian Kveik yeast. The beer was blended with a foeder-aged dark sour, then further matured with TRVE’s mixed-culture in one of New Belgium’s French oak foeders. Just before packaging, the beer is circulated over whole-flower lavender grown on the Western Slope of Colorado by Two Bears Farms.

The result is a floral-infused, malt-driven, crushable sour full of friendship and intent.

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