Bauhaus Brew Labs Releases Two New 12-Packs

Bauhaus Brew Labs is thrilled to announce the release of two brand new 12-packs.

First up is the Breezebox 2022 spring/summer mixed pack. Breezebox 2022 is a thirst-quenching oasis of flavor featuring four new beers: Jetski Timeshare Mexican-Style Light Lager (4.3% ABV, 19 IBU), Zest Friends Lime Gose (4.9% ABV, 5 IBU), Guilty Treasure Grapefruit IPA (6.4% ABV, 72 IBU), and Cool Intentions Hazy IPA (7.2% ABV, 50 IBU). Each of these fabulous warmer-weather brews are available on draft starting this week in Bauhaus’ Northeast Minneapolis taproom.

Bauhaus has a reputation for great packaging design, and Breezebox 2022 is no exception. The colorful 12-pack box and individual beer labels feature several 3D elements that are viewable with classic 3D glasses, which the brewery is providing to participating retailers. Bauhaus President and Co-Founder Matt Schwandt explains, “[w]e really like pushing packaging design to new places, and we’re very excited about where Breezebox landed as far as the 3D elements. This mixed pack provides our customers not only with four great new beers, but also with a fun 3D experience that reflects the playful spirit that Bauhaus injects into just about everything we do.”

In addition to Breezebox 2022, Bauhaus is also launching a new year-round beer called Hallo American Brew (5.2% ABV, 20 IBU). Hallo is a refreshingly simple American blonde ale that beer drinkers of all stripes can appreciate and enjoy. Its clear, light-golden appearance offers a friendly invitation to anyone looking for a thirst-quenching, no-frills beer experience. Featuring a delicate, lightly malty impression with a subtle and well-balanced hoppiness with notes of bright fruit, Hallo is the natural choice for anyone looking for a satisfying, dead-simple brew. Hallo is available on draft starting this week in the Bauhaus taproom.

Both Breezebox 2022 and Hallo 12-packs are available starting this week at select retailers throughout Minnesota. Hallo and small quantities of Breezebox beers will be available on draft at select Minnesota bars and restaurants within the next few weeks.

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