Bauhaus Brew Labs Launches Distribution of “Nah” Non-Alcoholic Beer

Exactly one year after Bauhaus Brew Labs announced the production of a Non-Alcoholic Helles for sale in its taproom, the brewery is excited to report that NA Helles will soon be available in 6-pack form on retail shelves.  Consumers looking for an NA alternative will not only be able to find Bauhaus Brew Labs’ “Nah” (Non-Alcoholic Helles) at retailers across the metro, but will have the option to purchase 6-packs directly from Bauhaus’ northeast Minneapolis taproom location as well.

For the past year, Bauhaus has been working with St. Paul-based upstart ABV Technology on creating this craft, flavor-forward NA beer option for its taproom.  The team behind ABV Technology has developed a proprietary, patent-pending process that extracts ethanol from beer in a way that leaves the overall flavor profile mostly intact.  The resulting product smells and tastes remarkably similar to the real deal.

Bauhaus’ desire to produce an NA offering was inspired by an unexpected medical diagnosis that COO Matt Schwandt received in 2017.  “Three years after realizing my dream of opening a craft brewery, I was hospitalized for acute pancreatitis, which meant that I had to stop drinking alcohol pretty much for the rest of my life. That’s a tough pill to swallow in my line of work. But in the aftermath of that diagnosis, I became more and more interested in exploring whether producing NA beer could be feasible for our brewery. And ironically, the passion that I had for starting a craft brewery sort of morphed into a passion for creating an NA beer!”

Based on recent marketplace trends, Bauhaus is thrilled to expand the distribution of “Nah”.  According to Beverage Daily, overall alcohol consumption is on the decline, with over 35% of consumers seeking to decrease their alcohol intake. Furthermore, bigger beer players are seeing global beer volumes from NA offerings increasing 150% over the next 5 years.

Schwandt explains, “[w]e’ve had an NA Helles available in the taproom on and off throughout the last year, and it’s always been really well received. Whenever it hasn’t been available, our taproom staff gets a ton of inquiries about when it will be back on tap. So it’s going to be really great to not only have it available in the taproom on a much more consistent basis, but also for it to be available in cans for people to enjoy it in their own homes.”

“Nah” is available now at Bauhaus’ NE Minneapolis taproom and at select retailers starting in the beginning of January.  “Nah” is a refreshing non-alcoholic version of a true-to-style Münich Helles, brewed with 100% German-grown malt and hops.  “Nah” features a bready malt flavor and a mild hoppiness with notes of ripe melon and bright berry.

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