Boulevard and Zipline: A Neighborly Dust-Up

Boulevard Brewing of Kansas City, MO and Zipline Brewing of Lincoln, NE announced the approaching debut of a unique collaboration. As the basis for experiments in adventurous IPAs, the brewers employed lupulin powder, aka hop dust, to create two flavorful, complementary limited release beers. Boulevard’s Linkin’ Up Hop Dust IPA and Zipline’s Gettin’ Down Hop Dust Double IPA will hit shelves and taps throughout the breweries’ home markets in early June.

“We have great respect for Zipline Brewing,” said Boulevard brewmaster Steven Pauwels. “Like us, they’ve been successful because of the quality of their beers and their connection to their community. It’s always rewarding to bring talented people together to play and to learn from one another.”

“As the leading brewery in our region, Boulevard continues to impress and to pace our industry,” said Tom Wilmoth, co-founder of Zipline Brewing. “Our common values and philosophies about designing, brewing, and sharing beer quickly led to Linkin’ Up and Gettin’ Down. We hope everyone will have the chance to enjoy both beers, which are awesome individually, but, like most of us, even better together.”

Each brewery put its own spin on the concept. Boulevard’s Linkin’ Up includes a liberal dollop of hop dust and a medley of favorite varietals that deliver bright, juicy notes of pineapple, mango and bubble gum. Linkin’ Up will be available in kegs and 6-packs of 12-ounce bottles. Zipline’s bold Double IPA, Gettin’ Down, will roll out in kegs and 750ml bottles. It features Galaxy hops and Mosaic hop dust to produce a dank flavor profile of lychee and tropical fruits for what Zipline hopes is an out-of-this-world experience.

A number of events are in the works for Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, and the greater Kansas City area. Check the breweries’ websites and social media channels in the coming weeks for details.

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