BarTrack Launches Smart Draft System

The industry-leading hospitality data and beverage quality company BarTrack announces the release of its revolutionary draft monitoring solution, The Smart Draft™ System. By providing real-time access to beverage quality analytics and automating inventory management, BarTrack’s Smart Draft™ System helps bar, restaurant, brewery, and stadium management teams reduce waste, increase profits and guarantee a perfectly poured beverage every time.

So what makes it revolutionary? The first vertically integrated system of its kind, realtime data in the BarTrack App is paired with a full suite of plug-and-play sensors that provide real-time equipment health updates, preventative alerting, and beverage quality data on every aspect of Smart Draft™ System, including the Smart Kegerator and the newly released Smart Refrigerator, Smart Coolers, and Smart Glycol Power Pack. Since BarTrack’s Smart Draft™ System doesn’t require any moving pieces or obstruction to existing draft lines, it can be incorporated into any draft program with ease. 

The innovative SmartDraft™ System product lineup is changing the way retailers interact with their draft systems, and revolutionizing the fragmented draft beverage space into a fully integrated ecosystem. “The Smart Draft™ System assists at every step of the draft beverage process, from inventory to maintenance, beverage ordering, analyzing data and pouring a perfect pint for every customer,” said Brett Danielson, co-founder and CEO of BarTrack. “We’re in the business of happier customers, less stressed bar managers and more lucrative bars, breweries, restaurants and stadiums.”

The Smart Draft™ System provides comprehensive reporting and analytics for every step of beverage inventory, illuminating how and why waste occurs. Through seamless POS integrations and an easy-to-use app, management teams can easily identify and correct issues in real time. 

Armed with cutting-edge technology and analytics, as well as BarTrack’s team of consultants who know the unique challenges of managing a successful draft program, bar and management teams can use The Smart Draft™ System to interpret data, diagnose concerns and apply effective solutions, resulting in cost savings and increased profits.Want to see how BarTrack helps businesses just like yours to Pour Smarter™?

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