Prost Announces Its Now Available for Contract Brewing, Co-packing

Prost Brewing Co. invites you to brew like a German at its new, 60,000 sq. ft. brewery in Northglenn, Colo. The expansive, state-of-the-art facility is now offering comprehensive contract brewing and co-packing services. The highly efficient, quality-first production facility is equipped with the latest modern brewing technologies and designed to serve all beverage crafting needs under one roof, including logistics, production and storage.

“We have a fundamental belief of doing it right, and we’ve built this brewery with a quality-first mindset that doesn’t cut corners,” said David Deline, president of Prost. “Northglenn, in addition to being our brewery headquarters, is intended to be an ecosystem for the industry, driving consistent quality throughout the supply chain and building a community of growing beverage companies.”

Prost’s custom-designed and intentionally curated new Northglenn facility is designed to produce every beverage style, from old world bier styles to new school beyond-beer ideas. Featuring the finest German brewing technology imported from Kaspar Schulz, Prost’s one-of-a-kind brewery design is rooted in sustainability and features the following cutting-edge technologies:

  • Kunzel Milling: A 6-roller miller with automatic gab settings, husk separation, super sack and silo malt offerings
  • 50 bbl Kaspar Schulz Brewhouse: 6 vessels with full automation and decoction capabilities
  • 20 bbl ICC Brewhouse: 5-vessels with decoction capabilities for small batches
  • Esau Huber Yeast Propagation: Cost-effective yeast optionality
  • Filtration & Recovery: Centrifuge and membrane filters for increased recovery 
  • KHS Can & Keg Filler: KHS 21/3 Compact C Filler & KHS Innokeg CombiKeg
  • Tunnel Pasteurization: Offering full sterilization for all can sizes (12oz, Sleeks, 16oz, & 19.2oz)
  • In House Lab Analytics: ABV, IBU, VDK, Total Sulfur, Acetaldehyde, Ester, and micro analysis
  • Cold Storage: 10,000 square feet on-site, cooler space, custom order building

Prost offers diverse brewing product capabilities, from traditional German-inspired biers and hoppy beers to sours, non-alcoholic beers, FMB hard seltzers and RTDs, CBD products, and canned mineral water. Small batch sizes are made possible with the availability of 40, 60, 100, 200 and 300 bbl fermentation tanks.

“I’m excited about what this brewery can offer the industry,” said Prost’s Vice President of Brewery Operations Christopher O’Connor. “Through quality, intent and accessibility to the space, we’re providing a platform to significantly improve how craft beer is imagined, produced and enjoyed. This is our commitment to the craft brewing community.”

Prost Brewing Co.’s Northglenn brewing facility is without compromise, dedicated to creating unparalleled products. They prioritize quality and consistency during every step of the process, offering rigorous quality programs to ensure the highest standards for every client, FSMA compliance and a Certificate of Authenticity provided for all finished goods. Learn more at

photo credit Prost Brewing Company

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