CraftCellr Expands Platform With An Automated Solution For Memberships

Craft breweries, distilleries, and meaderies across 12 states have unlocked the power of direct to consumer sales via CraftCellr’s mobile platform. CraftCellr, which initially launched in 2018 as a pre-sales platform for can and bottle releases, has recently expanded its platform in two key areas:

  • Membership Management: CraftCellr’s membership product takes on the challenge of creating, selling, and managing memberships by automating two of the most critical components of any membership or bottle society: inventory management and communication to members.
  • Native iOS and Android apps: Free to beer lovers, the CraftCellr app aggregates all of its partners’ offers, creating a simple discovery tool for consumers to pre-purchase taproom releases, memberships, and events right from their phone. Additionally, the apps compliment the membership platform, allowing members to easily manage their benefits in real-time from their phones.

CraftCellr’s business strategy is based on creating tight feedback loops with its partners and end-users. Its ability to iterate quickly based upon the suggestions of its users has allowed CraftCellr to remain at the forefront of the direct to consumer revolution within the craft beverage industry.

“With a two-sided marketplace like CraftCellr, it’s critically important to pay close attention to the feedback of both your partners and your end-users.” said Eric Thelen Co-Founder of CraftCellr. “When we heard our end-users requesting a better way to discover new breweries and brewery offers, we developed native apps for iOS and Android to serve their needs. Conversely on the partner side, we kept hearing about the challenges of creating and managing a membership. So, we gathered as much feedback as we could and created a membership platform specifically for the craft beverage industry.”

While memberships are nothing new to the industry, managing memberships has become a common pain point amongst owners and front-of-house staff. Based on direct feedback from prospective partners, CraftCellr uncovered that most breweries were hacking their memberships via spreadsheets, ticketing platforms, e-commerce plugins, or some combination of all three. Due to the ever-changing legislative landscape in the craft beverage industry, there was strong demand for a niche product that was custom built for breweries, distilleries, and meaderies.

Craft breweries like 2nd Shift Brewing (St. Louis), Sun King Brewing (Indianapolis), and Phase Three Brewing Company (Chicago) have all recently launched successful memberships utilizing CraftCellr.

“Creating a membership was a big part of our business plan.” said Evan Morris Co-Founder of Phase Three Brewing Company in Chicago. “We had assessed a few different solutions prior to discovering CraftCellr, none of which were ideal. CraftCellr removed much of the headache in launching a membership and our members have really enjoyed using the app to manage their benefits.”

For more information about the CraftCellr platform, go to or email Brewer of Biz, Jon “Chili” Childress at

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