Barrel Aging: ​Finding​ New Flavors

Angel City Brewery believe​s​ that ​their development of different flavors will separate ​them from other brands. ​Some of those flavors come from different types of wood and barrels that housed different spirits and wines.​

​”​Our team’s passion and creativity translates to our customers who enjoy our unique flavors and barrel-aged brews​,” said Angel City Head Brewer Layton Cutler.​

To ring in the ​N​ew ​Y​ear ​the Los Angeles-based brewery has decided to develop a new festive beer, Brett Royale.

​It will be a blend of ​the brewery’s ​Golden​ A​le​,​ Bir Royale​ along with​ Viognier grape juice and black current juice. ​The blend will age in ​P​inot ​N​oir barrels and provide dark berry flavors with slightly sweet aromas.

They have also​ ​decided to use Cognac barrels for our ​a ​new oat-flavored beer, Oatal Eclispe. The brew consists of 11​ percent Oat wine blended with apple cider and ​Cutler estimates that it ​will age for about ​four to six​ months.

​Left Hand‘s Matt Thrall explained to Brewer that using the barrel as ingredient and not just a vessel is paramount to new developments for barrel-aged beer.​

“It’s never been: Let’s brew something and put it in whatever we have​,” he said​. ​”​We use the barrel as an ingredient. You want to buy a bottle of the wine that was in there. Try it, talk about it and figure it out and use barrel not just as a reservoir, a passive ingredient, but as an active ingredient.”

​Not just the in wood, but also finding new ideas to ​expand both the brew team’s minds in what they can do along with expanding the palate of a consumer is constantly on Cutler’s mind.

With the holiday season right around the corner, ​he and his brew team ​have been inspired to create a beer based on the flavors of ​their favorite festive treat, Speculoos​ — a type of spiced shortcrust biscuit/cookie​.

​”​This holiday ale will incorporate aromas of ginger, cinnamon, white pepper, nutmeg, anise and clove​,” Cutler explained.​

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