Angry Orchard Introduces Tangerine Flavor and Yard Party Pack Variety Pack

As the summer heat approaches, taste buds are buzzing with anticipation for the newest flavor trend: Tangerine. Bursting with a sweeter, creamier orange taste, Tangerine is poised to be the flavor of the summer, and Angry Orchard is leading the charge with its latest innovation.

Angry Orchard is proud to announce the release of the Yard Party Pack Variety Pack, featuring not one, but two refreshing new flavors: Tangerine and Crisp Light. This limited edition pack boasts four delicious, juicy flavors, including the classic Crisp Apple and Blueberry Rosé, ensuring a burst of crispness all summer long.

New Flavors in the Yard Party Pack Variety Pack:

  • Crisp Light: The same beloved apple flavor drinkers know and love, now with fewer calories and grams of sugar, and a slightly less sweet finish.
  • Tangerine: A delightful twist on crisp apple, infused with juicy tangerine for a refreshing citrus finish.

But that’s not all! Angry Orchard is also unveiling a lineup of tantalizing cocktails, inspired by classic recipes and crafted with real fruit juice. The Orchard Sangria, Apple Ginger Mule, and Peach Appletini will be available in select markets, including Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Southern Texas, and Washington.

Get ready to sip, savor, and celebrate the flavors of summer with Angry Orchard. The Yard Party Pack Variety Pack and Angry Orchard Cocktails will be available at select retailers nationwide.

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