The Additional Steps Wasatch & Squatters Took Before Opening New Airport Locations

Wasatch and Squatters recently expanded into three new locations, including the Craft Cafe in Salt Lake City, offering specialty sandwiches, snacks, and grab-and-go items for both dine-in and to-go service; a relocation of Squatters airport pub in Salt Lake City International Airport into the South Terminal, previously located in C-Terminal; and a new Wasatch Brewery in the airport, opening in October.

The Squatters Pub existed in C-Terminal for 20 years, independently staffed and managed by the brewery. The new space in South Terminal is a new design and in a larger space to accommodate more foot traffic.

“The airport expansion provided a great opportunity to reach additional consumers and give passengers traveling through Salt Lake City International Airport a classic experience from Utah’s original brewpubs,” said Maxwell Christen, Senior Marketing Manager for Squatters and Wasatch. “We have been grateful to own and operate our original Squatters Brewpub airport location for over 20 years, and our incredible relationship with airport operations made this new opportunity a no-brainer.”

Setting up an airport location has its challenges, but the operations of the airport were already familiar to the team.

The primary difference, Christen said, is that the airport has different alcohol/beer hours compared to the other Wasatch and Squatters taprooms.

Staffing hasn’t presented a challenge, with most of the staff coming from other locations but the airport does require background checks and badging.

The airport obviously has its own regulations in place, but the Wasatch and Squatters pubs have some of their own additional social distancing guidelines as well. 

“All of our menus have moved to a mobile phone QR code version,” Christen said. “Our team members are always wearing a mask and following safety procedures and are continually washing hands and staying safe.”

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