A Checklist to Boost Your Brewpub’s Customer Experience

Group of happy friends enjoying in a glass of beer while waiter is serving food at their table in a pub.

Selling memories and boosting a consumer experience is a top-of-mind priority when opening your brewpub to a customer. It’s more than a beer experience, it’s a level of hospitality that makes them want to come back for more.

Check out these ideas to make sure you are improving your brewpub’s experience side and giving as much thought to quality as you do your beer.

Be Different

Yes, standard “bar food” is needed, but experiment a bit if you have a kitchen. Let your chef be creative and don’t be afraid to see what isn’t around your market in food offerings. Even a weekly special that might cost a bit more to make could help create new ideas.

Don’t Be Childish

A Kid’s Menu is a plus, but it doesn’t need to be the same old chicken strips and mac & cheese.

Create smaller versions of your current menu at a lower price point. Kids are more and more becoming savvy eaters and parents will appreciate the effort as well.

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Don’t Knock the Used Look

New and shiny may not always be the best idea. Look for used furniture. Find a cozy look and increase the age of your brewpub despite the actual age of the spot. It can create a warm memory. If you can put your brand in a position where you’re selling memories, it’s priceless.

TV Volumes: Not Needed

Lower those TV volumes and turn on closed captions. It’s two folded: you are helping those that are hard of hearing and making it more about the atmosphere of your brewpub than what is on the tube.

Say Hi!

If you have the time to go table to table as an owner, or even as a brewer. Take a moment to talk with people. Give them that personal touch that can create a lasting impression. Don’t worry about how you look or if you have been in the back working. It can create a feeling that you are in the moment but still care about the beer and food in front of them. Don’t just leave it to your wait staff. You may get some great input.

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