5 Plans These 2 Brands Made for 2023 Success

In planning for the Expert Outlook 2023 issue of Brewer Magazine, which is available now, we couldn’t fit all the insights in a timely matter. Yet, those insights matter and can be helpful for other brewery owners and decision-makers and we wanted to make sure to share them. Ryan Bandy, Director of Experience for Indeed Brewing Company; and Scott Newman-Bale, CEO of Short’s Brewing, shared with Brewer how they are helping plan success for 2023.

It all starts with forward thinking and here are some aspects they are tackling.

Key Equipment Upgrades

Bandy is excited that Indeed is switching to six- and four-pack cartons, which will replace PakTechs. 

“It’s an evolution of our brand on the shelf and cartons provide so much more space to play with each brand’s artwork,” he said. “It’s really fun to see brands have a new life. It also gives cohesion to our brand that is really exciting to see in the cooler doors.”

Short’s has “lots of new equipment coming on line,” Newman-Bale said, including adding a new pasteurizer and keg filler at Short’s, along with more.

“That will make our production far more efficient, allowing us to do more faster,” he said.

Keep it About Community

Short’s recently built a giant pavilion in its hometown of Bellaire, Michigan to host community concerts. The concerts are free and open to the public.

“Since they’re on our property folks can bring food and beverages from the Pub or our neighboring businesses to enjoy a night of music,” Newman-Bale said. “We plan some big upgrades for this area in 2023 also.”

It’s All About the Beer…

Shorts is adding a couple of its most-requested products back into our seasonal rotations as year-round citrus seasonal — which includes Soft Parade Shandy and Mule Beer — will be joined by Power of Love and Melt My Brain in 2023.

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“We are partnering with Pure Michigan for a year-round Pure Michigan line of seasonal brews made with all Michigan ingredients,” Newman-Bale said, that started with an Imperial Winter Pils. “We love everything about our great state and want to share it with the world.”

Short’s isn’t typically big on trends, but Newman-Bale said they did release their very first Non-Alcoholic product, Thirst Mutilator, with Grammy award-winning musician, Billy Strings.

“There may be plans for a second flavor on the horizon,” he teased.

…And Diversification

In Minnesota, THC beverages became legal to manufacture in July, and Indeed jumped right on it. 

“It’s a wide-open market; it’s exciting and terrifying and we’re trying to find the right, sustainable, creative way to capture market share,” Bandy said. “Overall, we love how drinkers’ habits are moving to drinking all types of beverages: light beer, fruit beer, hoppy, hard seltzers, non-alcoholic drinks, hard kombucha, and such. 

“It’s really exciting to embrace and capture the diversity of interests that people are more comfortable to explore now.”

Short’s already experiments with a lot of beverages outside beer and cider thru its company Superfluid Supply Co. with RTDs, FMBs, canned wine, and others.

“There are some awesome lifestyle brands we’ll be working with,” Newman-Bale said.

Plan of Attack

Short’s focus will be on core products with the most availability. 

“With a portfolio as large as ours, focus is key,” Newman-Bale said. The brewery also has a new website in the works that will have a much-improved beer finder.

For Indeed, on the top of mind is the drastic price increases of all of what the business spends: from agricultural products like malt and hops to packaging supplies, utilities, real estate, and rent. 

“It’s hard to absorb a lot of those costs, but we also don’t want our six-packs to be $15 on the shelf, so it’s a tough battle,” Bandy admitted. “Our plan of attack in 2023 is to take our creative energy to inventory, logistics, supplier relationships, and production efficiency. 

“Unromantic things like a deaerated water skid, warehouse organizational systems, and utility efficiency are some ways we’re battling internally. Externally, we hope to continue to provide beverages that carry value, innovation, and deliciousness, packaged artfully, so we can continue the fight as a small company trying to make cool things.”

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