Short’s Announces Preorder Program of Brewery’s Classics

For 18 years, Short’s Brewing has created an impressive list of over 900 unique products that run the gamut of style and ingredient combinations, with experimental beers accounting for over half of the total releases. In case you were wondering—that’s a lot of beers.

And nearly as many favorites.

“There’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t getting asked for very specific releases through social media and our customer service channels. Stuff that we made one time 10 years ago at the Pub or for a random beer fest is beloved and sought after!

“Over and over we’d hear ‘If you made (insert random obscure Short’s beer here) I’d buy 10 cases of it.’ At the same time, we had an idea for a new pre-order program, so we created the Classic Stache project. So to all you squeaky wheels out there, you’re welcome.” Kerry Lynch, Sales Director for the brewery exclaimed.

Classic Stache (named for founder Joe Short’s epic facial coif) is a preorder program featuring a handful of classic brews. Beer fanatics may head to their local beer store and order unlimited cases (each style will be available as full cases: 24 packs of 12 oz cans) for a limited time, once the order window closes Short’s produces the products and delivers them to stores the following month.

The hardest part of this project? Narrowing down their portfolio to just four products.

“When we were scheming up this idea we had no idea how to pick our first lineup. Joe had opinions, our sales team had opinions—ultimately we tapped some of our longest-running employees to pick their favorites,” stated Scott Newman-Bale, CEO of the brewery. “Lucky for all of us, they picked some great beers for our Classic Stache launch.”

So what’s on deck?

Aorta Ale: Double Red Ale

This ruby-red masterpiece was created as a tribute to a most excellent human as a part of the Imperial Beer Series (ya know, the weird and experimental beers that put us on the map back in the day). This Double Red Ale beats strong with luscious caramel and toasted malts, balanced by tons of classic American-grown Cascade hops resulting in a glorious brown sugar, raisin, fig, and burnt caramelly treat with a bitter roasty cocoa finish.

Pandemonium Pale Ale: American Pale Ale

BEHOLD THE BITTER HYSTERIA of an OG classic Short’s Brew, drug up from the depths of Hell…errr…our recipe vault, to please the most passionate of Pale Ale pursuers. Cascade hops flow forth with bountiful bitterness and earthy aromas for a brew that will satiate the hottest hopheads out there. Pour yourself a glass and think about the choices you’ve made.

Black Cherry Porter: Imperial Porter with Northern Michigan Black Cherries

Dark, velvety, sweet, and toasty. Black Cherry Porter entered the Short’s-iverse as part of our Imperial Beer Series in 2007. We coulda dumped black cherry puree into a light, refreshing beer, but Joe had an itch for something more robust. The deep, rich flavors of an Imperial Porter are the perfect complement to our region’s national export, and Black Cherry Porter was made and quickly became a Pub favorite.

Pontius Road Pilsner: American Pilsner

If you’ve ever found yourself in the Pub and wondered where all the amazingly crafted wood goods come from, you can thank the woodmaster, Bill Sohn. It’s no exaggeration that without our friends the Sohn’s out on Pontius Road, Short’s Brewing would not exist. Brewed as part of our original lineup, Pontius Road Pilsner is an homage to early-American brewing history (and our dear friends) that uses flaked maize as a fermentable. Full of flavor, with a hoppier profile than most Pilsners (had to Short’s it up!) this golden-hued wonder is worth the trip to the north.

Getting in on the action is easy, visit Short’s website for a list of participating retailers. Once you find your store, head there and place your order. Then wait very patiently. Orders will be open from December 26 until January 26th. A 24-pack of 12 oz cans will set you back between $39.99 to $49.99. Cases of your selections will arrive at participating retailers by the end of February, just in time to celebrate the end of the Short’s-est month of the year.

For more information on the program, to find a list of retailers (or sign up as a participating account), please visit:

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