4 Ways to Plan for Your Next Trade Show

Trade show season is underway. Brewer has already been to CiderCon back in early February and is heading to the California Craft Beer Summit, which starts next week. And let’s not forget CBC in May!

There is a lot of value and education to get from attending a trade show, which includes seminars, but getting face-to-face with vendors on the showroom floor is just as important.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your time there.

Research & Plan

Make sure to take some time to look at the agenda before you head there, then plan accordingly. You’ll never get to everything, make it a priority to get to where you want before you take in the other sights.

Be Informed

We all get emails galore, but these will help with that first point. Sign up for email alerts, and follow the event’s social media channels. Even download the app before you get there and turn on notifications. It can help you find what you need. Many vendors will have info on what they are doing, and any pre-show news or events they may be sponsoring (Free food? Free beer? Count you in!) so make sure to sign up for those emails.

Make a List, Check it Twice

Even with a map a trade show floor can be tough to get around. Make sure you are looking for special areas on the map and if there is an app with a map, utilize keywords to find what you may be looking for. Then look over it again. Twice, is nice.

Say Hi Before

Schedule an appointment with a vendor you want to talk to even before you get to the show. They will love the pre-planning and be ready to chat when you are. Plans in advance are great so you’re guaranteed face time.

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