3 Reasons You Should Boost Posts

Last week we designed a Video Blog on YouTube surrounding how to Boost a Post on Facebook. However, I believe it’s important to emphasize WHY you should utilize this option in your weekly marketing efforts.

Here are three quick reasons for why you should be Boosting Posts and what each one will do for your brewing business:
1) Helps Save Time

Time and money are an issue for all growing businesses. Unfortunately successful marketing and the design of unique content is also key for your business to grow and reach a growing craft beer market.

Boosting Posts on Facebook can give you the option to reach more individuals on the world’s largest social media site without having to continually generate more and more content. While this isn’t a strategy to keep you from developing content, this is a solution for showcasing your content to a far greater audience.

2) Small Investment

Have you ever had a marketing firm reach out to you about helping your business grow? The quick response for all business owners, large and small, is a nod of the head. While outsourcing marketing and spending the big bucks may be essential at some point, your brewery needs to focused on marketing every day — but utilizing a marketing firm daily can be expensive.


As I mentioned above, Facebook is the largest social media site on the Internet. Additionally, with its purchase and integration of Instagram, you have two very easy tools at your fingertips to connect with your audience.

You can also connect with these individuals for as little as a $1 per day. That could be a yearly marketing strategy of only $365 for an entire year. Most successful marketing companies could charge you anywhere from 50 to 100 times more per year.

3) Traction

The goal of all successful marketing strategies is to bring traction to your company. While you may look around and see that the internal workings of your brewery have great traction, the outside, where marketing is essential, could be slipping in the mud.

Boosting Posts not only helps you gain more views on your already strong and established website, but it helps you to build traction among your existing Likes and friends of those people that Like your Page. Remember, Friends of Craft are probably also Fans of Craft.

Marketing is essential to every business, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Take some time this week and look through your Facebook Feed for Posts you could potentially boost to showcase a stronger presence for your brewery. The initially reference video is also posted below for your convenience.


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