​Finding Success in New Packaging Formats

Big or small, can formats can be a new way to give a different platform of sale for your brewery to help stand out in the off-premise market. It can also help find a hole in a venue’s selling portfolio.

San Antonio’s Freetail Brewing announced on Wednesday the release of two new 19.2-ounce cans with Soul Doubt IPA and Bat Outta Helles.

“We’ve all seen how the 22 oz bomber bottle has been fading as the preferred single package and in light of this we’ve been exploring other options to give the customers what they really want,” the brewery said in an email to Brewer. “19.2s provide an opportunity for beer-lovers to try our core brands in a way that doesn’t make them commit to a whole 12 oz 6-pack or 16 oz 4-pack.”

The brewery reps noted that the 19.2 oz cans (also known as “stovepipes”) can be a single package that also opens up a lot of opportunities in the convenience store channel with some good margin items with “2 for” pricing availability. Sports and music venues are also moving toward the single purchase model to make it easier to serve product without having to worry about glassware.

“This packaging opens so many avenues to get our product into the hands of consumers that might have previously been on the fence about craft beer and helps bring them into our community,” they said.

Santa Monica Brew Works CEO Scott Francis said the California brewery is always exploring new things, and they jumped into the 19.2 oz. format.

“In truth, [it] was mostly dictated by the market,” Francis said. “Our 19.2 oz cans are in many stadiums and entertainment arenas — Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, Staples Center, The Hollywood Bowl, LA Coliseum, among others. Now the grab-n-go stores have jumped in as well.

“The 19.2 oz format is familiar in your hands as it has the same circumference as a 12 oz. can; it contains more beer, and we can sell it at a fair price point.”

What the SMBW crew didn’t necessarily expect was how well the format would suit its Tasting Room exclusive releases – especially the higher ABV Double IPAs like its latest fresh-hop offering.

“As it turns out, 19.2 oz is just about the perfect size to enjoy anywhere. Everybody wins,” Francis said.

On the other side of the size, Austin Beerworks teased just this week an upcoming ​8-ounce can of a Double IPA called Lazer Salad. It is a 9.7% ABV brew that was shown off in a short clip on the brewery’s Twitter account.

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