Senior Leadership Team Roles Push Sierra Nevada Forward

The announcement of Joe Whitney becoming Sierra Nevada’s first Chief Commercial Officer is the start of a whole new way the brewery is looking at its leadership roles.

Whitney, who has been with the brewery for 10 years and most recently was the brewery’s Vice President of Sales, joins what is being called the Senior Leadership Team. This group breaks the 36-year flat management structure that the brewery has used.

“As we continue to grow, with breweries on either coast and the Torpedo Room in Berkeley, it’s important to put in place the organization that works most effectively and efficiently across all locations to manage operations to our same high standards,” said Sierra Nevada spokesman Scott Kolbe.

As part of the brewery’s strategic planning process it evaluated the roles and responsibilities its organization needed going forward to best prepare it for challenges ahead.

Kolbe mentioned that looking for outside talent in areas where the brewery may have gaps have gaps is key. The brewery has also embarked on a plan to develop and transition many of current key team members into new roles, titles and responsibilities.


“It seemed appropriate at this time to give the senior team some well-deserved titles that better identify their roles and responsibilities,” Kolbe said, both for internal and external communication.”

Kolbe stated that these key roles are visionaries in their respective areas and are responsible for growing teams capable of world-class performance.

“Just as important is integrating cross-functionally across all locations, ensuring that we are all working towards the same goal and addressing strategic opportunities as they arise,” he said.

As the market is diluted with more and more local and regional brands, a national brand name like Sierra Nevada looks forward to growth two ways: through product innovation and telling its story in a bigger way.

The brewery is launching Sidecar Orange Pale Ale and Tropical Torpedo early in 2017 to fit within the current craft trends of consumers.

“We plan to continue to bring brands to life in key markets with relevant activations in on-premise bars and restaurants as well as off-premise retail channels and events,” Kolbe said.

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