How These Breweries Engineered a Boost to Local On-Premise Partners

Rebuilding community “hangouts” has been the goal for 3 Sheeps Brewing and partnering with fellow breweries across Wisconsin to promote getting consumers back to local bars and restaurants by introducing beers mostly only available at those locations.

Operation SOS debuted from the Sheboygan, Wisconsin brewery with its first batch launching in February, teaming with Milwaukee’s Third Space and Young Blood Beer of Madison.

​”For the last nine months, most of our specialty beverages beer has gone ​to ​off-premise because that’s where people were buying cans to​-​go​,” explained 3 Sheeps founder Grant Pauly back in mid-January​. “​What we’re doing is bringing specialty cans with other breweries to Wisconsin and sending them to the on-premise to bars and restaurants with ​a​ goal.

“If people want these cool cans, they’re going to have to go to a bar and restaurant to get it, and hopefully then they’ll grab some food and tip well. That generously is the main feature on the cans itselves.​”​

Operation SOS #2 will be available in 16oz cans with the majority available at bars and restaurants​ once again. This time the collaboration is between 3 Sheeps, 1840 Brewing​ in ​Milwaukee​, and 608 Brewing ​from La Crosse, Wisconsin.​

​”Hopefully it’ll just give them one more thing to get people to come into their spots and help make it through winter so we can get doors open this spring, get the patios going again and see if we can not hit that 40% of bars and restaurants going out of business that everyone loves to throw around,” Pauly said.

​Before Operation SOS, 3 Sheeps did a contest called “Curbside All-Stars” where they would encourage fans on social media to support those same bars and restaurants.

“We just feel so terrible for it​ and we’ve been trying to do everything we can to support them​,” Pauly said. ​”​​Customers posted pictures of them doing carry out from those places, ​and ​we had monthly drawings for them to win 3 Sheep swag, and got a pretty good following for that on Facebook and restaurants started to post their specials on there.​”

This ​second ​version of Operation SOS is a Double Dry Hopped Double IPA featuring Strata, Cashmere, and Simcoe hops.

Photo Courtesy of 3 Sheeps Brewing Co.

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