Can Outsourcing Social Media be a Plus?

Although outsourcing your brewery’s social media can be beneficial in growing followers on your platforms, but when it comes to preserving a personal interaction that your brewery may have started with your fans, it can fall short.

Cheboygan Brewing outsourced in the past, but Sales Manager Nick Beard took back control of all social media to represent the brand.

“Depending on who is managing your social media at a firm, some of the messaging can come across generic and you can easily lose your personality as a brand,” Beard said. “An outsourced firm may have little knowledge of beer and especially all the intricacies of it.”

Ecliptic Brewing keeps its social media in house. Marketing Manager Colette Becker said it allows the brewery full control of its voice and brand.

“Plus, social media is an amazing tool to get real-time one-on-one interaction with your customers,” she said. “We get to see daily what people think — the good and the bad.

“We can respond to tricky situations in our way and genuinely thank those who praise us.”

Beard noted that when you have an internal employee posting and responding to messages, they have a better idea of how the beer is made, the available markets it is in, and are better trained to handle interactions.

However, Becker added, social media can be extremely time-consuming and creates an ‘always on/always available’ type of role for whoever is managing it

“Overall, on our end, it is an easier and a better way for us to communicate with our fans keeping our social media management internal,” Beard said. “For bigger breweries, I can see the benefit in using a firm to handle it as you will most likely have someone available to respond quickly and keep the content fresh.

“For us, this can be challenging as I handle sales and am on the road frequently.”

Outsourcing does free up time for this, but it can take away control from the brand,” Becker said.

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