Brewing Bonds: How Sanitas Unites Community, Conservation With Year-Round Release

Creating a partnership that not only raises awareness about important conservation efforts but also provides a tangible way for customers to contribute to a cause they care about matters to Sanitas Brewing.

For the Colorado brewery, creating a year-round beer that ties into a year-long fundraising effort was important and the Boulder company did that with its Everyday Mountain Pilsner.

Just as the name suggests, this light-bodied Czech-style Pilsner is a crisp, bready beer with aromas of delicate honey. Brewed with the local community in mind, a portion of proceeds from the beer benefits the Boulder Open Space Conservancy to support restoration projects on Mount Sanitas.

“Many of our patrons will hike Mount Sanitas and then come enjoy a beer at our taproom as a post-hike reward. By purchasing the Everyday Mountain Pilsner, they not only enjoy a refreshing brew but also actively support the preservation of one of the natural landscapes that define Boulder,” explained Marketing Manager Jordan Harris. “This shared sense of purpose fosters a deeper connection between us and our local community, creating a bond based on shared values and a collective desire to make a difference. Through collaborations like this, we get to inspire others to join us in our commitment to building community through patios and pints.”

In 2023, the brewery was already reworking a beer that had hit its stride in “Everyday Mountain Lager.”

“With the growing consumer interest in Pilsner, we thought it would be an exciting endeavor for our brew team to shift this beer to a Pilsner,” Harris said. “Our team loved the name, and we agreed that we didn’t want to fully let it go. Our core focus is ‘community through patios and pints,’ so we thought how can we use this beer to also help drive community?”

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With “mountain” in the name and the brewery’s namesake from Mount Sanitas, the BOSC organization immediately came to mind. Harris said they reached out to discuss their involvement with Mount Sanitas and how the brewery could help support those initiatives.

“Alyson Duffey, their Director of Development, was a huge help in understanding how BOSC helps support restoration efforts and projects on Mount Sanitas,” Harris said. “Our team was in right away and knew that this beer was essential to the community that visits our taprooms and by providing a donation element we could do our small part in preserving the beloved mountain for locals and visitors alike.”

With a large taproom space in the heart of Boulder, Sanitas has always donated event space for local organizations or nonprofits whose values align with their own.

“We’ve worked with BOSC in the past to donate event or meeting space to support their organization — so we had prior connections to their team,” Harris said.

The year-long campaign began with a focus on branding, particularly emphasizing BOSC’s logo on the can of Everyday Mountain Pilsner and across all promotional materials.

“This not only showcased our collaboration but also raised awareness for BOSC’s cause,” Harris told Brewer.

To facilitate direct contributions, they incorporated a QR code on packaging and posters, enabling consumers to donate to BOSC’s initiatives independently. In addition to packaging, Sanitas’ partnership with BOSC is featured in promotional emails and across social media platforms as well.

“These channels allow us to engage with our customers, educating them on the partnership and BOSC’s mission,” Harris said. “We even started a #SanitasForSanitas campaign where people can post a photo of themselves hiking the mountain and enjoying a beer at the top to get a beer on us in the taproom after their hike. Or customers can simply hike Mount Sanitas and come in for a post-hike beer on us by letting a beertender know about their experience.”

The brewery has expanded the reach of the partnership through full-page print advertisements in publications like Backcountry Magazine and Mountainflyer Magazine.

Photo courtesy Sanitas Brewing

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