Boulder Beer Announces It Will Drop Distribution

Boulder Beer announced on Friday that it will cease distribution of its products and focus on taproom sales at its Wilderness Place facility in Boulder, Colorado. The brewery is currently celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

Owner Gina Day wrote to consumers on Friday:

The craft beer world is changing. We see an explosive number of new breweries opening every day, crowded shelves at retail, and we fight for share of mind with many of our distributor partners. Boulder Beer Company has decided to downsize and turn our attention to the brewpub on Wilderness Place, instead of national distribution. We did not make this decision lightly, but rest assured, we will continue to bring you our best lineup of craft beers at the pub. Being a local brewpub will allow for continuing the brand onsite with more room for rotating experimental and specialty brews.

Boulder Beer has been part of my life for close to 30 years, as it has been for many of our loyal friends and patrons, and we all want to see it live on. We will offer our handcrafted, top notch beers to the local community for years to come. We remain independent, locally owned, and committed to you, our guests, and to craft beer.

Times have changed and change is hard, but I’m ready to put the “fun” back in beer. Our friends will still be able to enjoy our beers in the brewpub, and by brewing in small batches, have a wider variety of options on the ever-rotating specialty taps. We’re​ ​celebrating our milestone 40th Anniversary this year and look forward to furthering our legacy in Boulder and the industry.

Please know that although we will be discontinuing distribution outside of the Pub, you’ll still be able to purchase our remaining inventory here and at retail through the end of the year.

We take enormous pride in our brewery, our beers, and our community. Thank you for the many years of support. For those of you living in the area, we hope to see you again soon in the Pub! And for those of you farther away, we hope a road trip to Colorado is in the near future.

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