Deschutes Honors 33-Year-Old Tradition, Launches Once-a-Decade Ale, Finds the Fresh Hop Stash

Jubelale, the first beer ever bottled at Deschutes Brewery, was originally packaged by hand off the taps at the Bend pub in 1988. Since then, the Jubelale seasonal release is a tradition that resonates with fans old and new as it welcomes crisp fall days in hopes of epic winters.

Inspired by traditional English style ales, Jubelale is the ultimate winter warmer featuring a strong malt character and notes of rich spice, toffee and cocoa.

Jubelale packaging features original artwork from a different Oregon artist each year. This year the brewery partnered with Eric Nyffeler, a popular Portland based artist best known for his concert posters for musicians including The Avett Brothers, Phish, St. Vincent, the Decemberists, and many more. Eric shared his inspiration behind this year’s winter scene design, pulling from his own experience in the mountains. “I wanted to bring to life the beautiful colors of a snowy mountainside in the morning,” said Nyffeler. “A place that many people can’t experience, so I wanted to put them there in the most amazing place to feel like you’re a part of the beer.” Consumers will see Eric’s work continue through the brewery’s 2021 seasonal line up.

Jubelale is 6.7% and 65 IBUs, and will be available in all markets where Deschutes is sold in 12-ounce, 6, 12 and 24 pack bottles and on draft by early-October.

To bring even more excitement to this year’s Jubelale release, Super Jubel, an Imperial Winter Warmer inspired by the seasonal, will launch in early November in time for the holidays. This indulgent exclusive only comes around once a decade (sort of). Super Jubel is malt forward with notes of toasted caramel, raisins, dates and figs that are complemented by spicy and herbal hop aromas. Brewery lore says that Super Jubel was inspired by a keg of frozen Jubelale that was tapped and discovered to be a decadent, concentrated version that Deschutes brewers recreated and evolved into this incredible strong version of Jubelale that is aged in wine barrels.

“Super Jubel was born as Ice Jubel, through a crime of opportunity,” recounted Gary Fish, founder of the 32 year old brewery. “Someone broke into the pub, stole some t-shirts, had some beers, tried to make burgers (they were still in the pan with the burner on when discovered), and stole the “boom box” and cassette tapes of our original brewmaster (owner of Ecliptic Brewing) John Harris.”  They also took a keg of Jubelale.  “They must have realized how heavy it was and decided to stash it, no doubt to come back later and collect it, because we found it two weeks later under an old loading dock near the pub.”

Fish goes on to tell that Bend was in the midst of a cold snap where temperatures dropped below -30 degrees. The keg was frozen when they found it and realized the liquid was partially frozen. “Being the resourceful person that he was, John [Harris] decanted the keg and the legend of Ice Jubel was born.  It was delicious!”

“The crooks had left the outlet valve facing up, so I knew whatever froze we’d still be able to get to the beer.” added Harris. “I raced and grabbed a hand truck and immediately we tapped it. It must have been over 12%. A couple days later I heard these big bangs coming from the cooler and Brewer Tim Gossack (of Bell’s Brewing) was hauling a keg of Jubel up onto the roof saying, “we need more of this!”. Well, it never froze like that original keg.”

Super Jubel is the brewer’s re-creation of this delicious elixir without the freezing, which is technically considered distillation. Super Jubel is 10% ABV and 50 IBUs, and will ship in early November in 12 ounce, 4 pack bottles.
Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop IPA is Deschutes’ only fresh hopped beer that releases to a broader audience, this year in 6 pack, 12-ounce cans.

Chasin’ Freshies represents the brewery’s pursuit of the freshest, most exciting hops each year. This year Deschutes partnered with CLS Farms, a 5th generation farm in the Yakima Valley choosing El Dorado hops with scrumptious Honeydew notes and the unique Zappa hops, originally discovered in the wild in New Mexico, that present very rich passion fruit aromas. Based on peak harvest time for these two varietals that hit the kettle this week, Chasin’ Freshies will be in market mid-October. The beer is 6% ABV and 48 IBUs.

Several Fresh Hop beers are available on draft at Deschutes’ pubs in Bend and Portland.

The original public house in downtown Bend will feature;

  • Fresh C Fresh Hop IPA (7.5% ABV, 65 IBU) with 200 lbs of fresh Coleman Farms Centennial hops for this fruity, piney and delicious IPA,
  • Fresh Hop Fresh Squeezed (target ABV 6.4%, 60 IBU) with fresh Loza Farms Mosaic hops that add big tropical aroma to this favorite Deschutes IPA,
  • Talus About It Fresh Hop Hazy IPA (target ABV 7%, 45 IBU) using fresh Perrault Farms Talus hops highlighting an emerging hop variety with notes of grapefruit and guava,
  • BFR Nugget Fresh Hop IPL (target ABV 6%, 50 IBU) The Big Fun Ranch supplied fresh Nugget hops for this clean and crisp India Pale Lager,
  • Old Bend Heirloom Fresh Hop Gose (4.5% ABV, 15 IBU) features hand-picked hops from an heirloom hop plant rumored to have been there since 1916. The Environmental Center partnered with the brewery to bring a delicate hop character to a lightly tart beer style with a hint of salt.

On draft at the Portland pub in the heart of the Pearl District:

  • Fresh Hop Mirror Pond (5.1% ABV, 45 IBU) a Portland pub local’s favorite Fresh Hop beer is the beloved Mirror Pond enhanced by cold-side Cascade hops from Goschie Farms. A crisp single hop pale ale with smooth caramel malt character, floral and citrus notes finished with hints of melon.
  • Fresh Hop Take it to the House IPA (6.5% ABV, 65 IBU) has a light malt bill and a medium body with dank aromas of pine, orange blossom and juicy fruit from fresh Strata hops that is slightly hazy with subtle sweetness.

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