​How Braxton Handles Brand Marketing on Various Levels​

​In Covington, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio, Braxton Brewing Marketing Manager Mitch Barnhill and the entire team continually​ look at​ providing ​the ​best-in-class events and experiences ​for their consumers.

“[It’s] something we have found really connects our guests with our brand​,” he said​. ​”​When they visit a Braxton location, we want them to not only enjoy our beer but also have a memorable experience that gets them to come back and spend more time with us.​”

Those locations include the original taproom and brewery; Braxton Labs — located 2.5 miles northeast of the original location and considered an innovation brewery​; a rooftop bar above the headquarters and an upcoming barrelhouse.

That’s a lot of spaces with Braxton’s name on it, but each venue can capture and connect with a different kind of consumer.

“Our brand’s core tagline is ​’​Lift One to Life​,’ which truly embodies what resonates most with Braxton fans — raise your glass to great beer and celebrating the experiences that come along with it​,” Barnhill said.​

For Braxton, bringing in new customers and capturing their attention is all about building unique, meaningful experiences across the entire brand family, all while producing an approachable, high-quality product.

​”​Whether a guest is drinking a Garage Beer Premium Lager on our 5,000 square foot rooftop bar or comparing a flight of New England style IPAs from Braxton Labs, we create beer for any craft beer fan,” Barnhill pointed out. “It’s crucial that each experience is consistent with what Braxton is, but also unique per location, per beer brand.

“The breadth of these offerings means that there is something for every beer drinker, depending on what appeals to them most.”

There are several ways Braxton adjusts to meet the specific needs of each demographic.

One of the most effective ways is by programming each space to not only showcase the beer but also present every customer with a personal way to engage with the brand.

Whether that’s through hosting an Oktoberfest Bierband in the taproom for fest-goers in September, a DJ on the rooftop for the nightlife crowd, or a family-friendly Sundae Bar to showcase the brewery’s Graeter’s Pumpkin Pie Ale.

Differentiating while staying true to the core values of ​the brewery is key. A great example ​that Barnhill shared is that at the new Fort Mitchell location, the Braxton Barrel House, ​the plan is to create​ a one-of-a-kind brewery and taproom solely focused on the rich bourbon tradition in Kentucky.

​”​Not only will we be serving rare, sought-after barrel-aged products, the space will also feature one of the nation’s first Private Barrel Programs for barrel-aged beer​,” he said.

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