Cider Corner: Most Read Cider Stories of 2023

Here were the most read cider stories on according to metrics compiled by the Brewer Magazine staff.

Cider Corner: What to Watch for When Switching Locations

Akin to a search for the Holy Grail, Stephen Schuurman of Winchester Ciderworks was on a mission. After Schuurman bought out the company from his business partner, he began to look for a new home immediately. His partner owned the building and Schuurman was renting from them and he wanted to start anew.

Cider Corner: How Manoff Has Adjusted to Warming Trends

Growing seasons and changing climate trends are not things that Manoff Cidery in New Hope, Pennsylvania just recently began considering. Manoff Market Gardens has been around since the 1980s when Gary and Amy Manoff began farming right after they graduated college, and the cidery that bears their name started up in 2018.

Cider Corner: How Winemaking Experience Can Help You Understand Apples

Texas Keeper co-owner Nick Doughty made wine before he made cider, but he worked in an orchard before he made wine. In a story that’s as familiar to the industry as alcohol itself, Doughty was law school bound and had been a graduate student studying something completely unrelated to agriculture, wine, cider or anything like it when he was bitten by the agriculture bug.

Cider Corner: 3 QCQA Points to Consider

Consistency is the name of the game with any product, and having a handle on your quality control quality assurance process is a big part of achieving it. Highpoint Cider’s taproom and production facility is in Victor, Idaho, and co-founder and COO Andrew Perez recently shared with Brewer Magazine how his small-batch cidery that sells its product in Idaho, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming handles QCQA.

Cider Corner: Tips for Smart Online Equipment Shopping

Some cider makers swear by online auctions and classifieds to help them find used equipment to save money. Winchester Ciderworks in Winchester, Virginia has had success finding used equipment to make its English-style Dry Hard Ciders, said co-owner and Cider Maker Stephen Schuurman, who said certain corners of the Internet had proven to be valuable resources.

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