Yes, They Can: Three More Iron Hill Beers in Cans

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant continues their bold releases of craft beers to go with a new one each month, all vividly designed and creatively packaged in 16-oz. or 12-oz cans, bringing ever more of the scratch brewery’s popular beers and expanding portfolio into conveniently portable packaging. On Friday, March 9, they will bring Sweet Leaf IPA into their canned collection, followed in April by Clock Out American Lager (April 5) and their classic Vienna Red Lager (April 19).

Sweet Leaf IPA is a pale yellow American IPA brewed with Columbus, Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe hops for medium body and overwhelming hop flavor. Brewed with whole leaf hops and far out vibes, this beer is a happening of peace, love and flavor. Tune into the subtle undertones of grapefruit, pine and tropical fruit.

Clock Out American Lager is a refreshing lager to enjoy after a hard day at work. Strong notes of pine and citrus, with a smooth and clean finish, and just a hint of bitterness. It is brewed to reward and refresh, balancing flavor and drink-ability. Because you’ve still got to clock back in tomorrow.

Vienna Red Lager is an Iron Hill staple: a European-style amber lager with medium body, delicate malt aroma, slight sweetness and a clean, crisp finish. It’s a decorated medal winner, with two Bronze medals (2011, in the Vienna-Style Lager category; 1999, in the Vienna-Style Lager category) and one Gold (2008, in the Vienna-Style Lager category) from the Great American Beer Festival and a Silver (2008, in the Vienna-Style Lager category) from the World Beer Cup.

This marks the first time Sweet Leaf IPA will be available in cans for in-store purchase, sold in convenient 4-packs of 16-oz. cans. Clock Out American Lager is a brand-new addition to Iron Hill’s seasonal lineup, available in portable 6-packs of 12-oz. cans. All of the new cans will feature fun designs from Pittsburgh, PA’s Smith Brothers Agency, continuing an ongoing series of collaborations between the brewery and the firm, including other favorites such as Crusher, Mahalo, Apollo!, Rising Sun, Bedotter, Pumpkin Ale, Oktoberfest and more.

As always, the talented creative team at Smith Brothers sought to capture the spirit of the delicate hops and grains inside the cans with each label design, and taking into account Iron Hill’s 21-year history.

Sweet Leaf IPA is a beer inspired by music, and the can’s label draws on vibrant concert posters from the hippie movement of the 1960s with psychedelic colors bringing to life the explosion of the hoppy flavors inside.
Clock Out American Lager is a beer meant to be enjoyed after a long day at work and the design celebrates the American work ethic. Inspired by vintage WPA labor posters, the can’s label features a factory worker reaching to remove his hard hat as the whistle blows to end his work day.

Vienna Red Lager is one of six beers in Iron Hill’s Signature Series. All signature beers have a linear sketch of the brewing process wrapped around the can, with a colored band around the bottom alluding to the flavor profile. Each is stamped with the autograph of one of Iron Hill’s head brewers.

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