Yards Collaboration Winds Up With Beer-Forward Whiskey

By combining the minds of two craft-centric businesses, Philadelphia consumers can capitalize on a limited edition whiskey run.

Yards Brewing and Philadelphia Distilling have produced a small run of 375mL bottles, only 300, of “Tough Broad” a 90-proof twice distilled whiskey that is beer-forward in flavor and aroma.

It took both sides of the brewery business to make it happen.

“Because we use very flavorful malt in our beers, we’ve always wondered what would happen if we tried to distill from that base,” said a spokesman from Yards in an emailed response when asked about the project. “To help us in our experiment, we called on our friends at Philadelphia Distilling … who share the same commitment to quality and community as we do.”

Using Yards’ “Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale” as a starting point, the brewery let Philadelphia Distilling get to work, first with a small still batch to fine tune the recipe before bumping up to a 1,500L copper pot still for two rounds of distillation before aging the whiskey in a new high charred 53-gallon American oak barrel.


The whiskey — which has a production run of 300 bottles — will have malt character on the nose with hints of caramel, toffee, and vanilla, warm spices like cinnamon, and a little bit of wood. On the tongue there is to be expected a spiciness up front then wood dryness at the end.

The name Tough Broad pays tribute to Philly’s underdog spirit, Yards said.

“Even though this is a high-quality product and we’re dedicated to our craft, we’re also having fun and not taking things too seriously,” the brewery said in a release.

Being that only 300 bottles were made in the inaugural batch of Tough Broad, sales will be limited. But Yards and Philadelphia Distilling are using the opportunity of the release to help drum up some excitement.

A release party for pre-orders will be at the distillery’s new location, which isn’t open to the public yet on December 15.

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