World Championship Surfer Joins on with Firestone Walker to Promote 805 Beer Brand

805 Beer has released new ad spots featuring Conner Coffin, a Santa Barbara-based professional surfer who is one of just five seeds competing for the men’s world championship at the Rip Curl World Surfing League Finals starting this week.
Coffin now becomes one of 805’s “Authenticos”—a band of ambassadors who embody the authenticity in their respective disciplines. The Authenticos collectively represent the culture and values of the brand’s ethos. Other 805 Authenticos include pro-surfer Nate Tyler; pro-skater Greyson Fletcher; professional motorcycle riders Tyler Bereman and Vicki Golden; pro-mountain biker Ryan Howard; and off-road racer Jessy Nelson, among others.
The new 805 ad spots featuring Coffin will support key 805 Beer markets. They mark the beginning of a long-term relationship between Coffin and 805.
The spots show Coffin riding waves across Santa Barbara, Fiji and Oahu; and speaking to why, after all of his world travels, coming home to California means so much to him. “It’s more than just a place,” he says, “It’s part of who I am.”
“Our partnership with Conner was a long time coming—we have a common passion for sharing how life in the 805 is exportable to the world,” said Dustin Hinz, CMO of Firestone Walker Brewing Company. “We’re honored to have Conner join our cast of Authenticos and we look forward to creating stories together that inspire others.”
Coffin shares a similar outlook. “Firestone Walker is part of the landscape where I grew up,” he said. “They’re ingrained in this place I call home, and we share a lot of the same values and pursuits. It just feels like the perfect time for me to become a part of the 805 Beer family and see where it takes us.”

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