Women of Revolution Team Up For Spirit of Revolt

After debuting an empowered Imperial IPA in 2018, Revolution Brewing is bringing back Spirit of Revolt—created by the female employees of Revolution. The beer is named in reference to a Margaret Sanger essay [“Because I believe that deep down in woman’s nature lies slumbering the spirit of revolt,” from “The Woman Rebel”] and features specialty malts from female-led Weyermann Malting. A unique dry-hop blend of Cascade, Cashmere, and Styrian Fox hops add notes of citrus, pineapple, and melon, while oats add a smooth, soft feel.

“This project started because some of the bar staff and I wanted to get back to naming beers after revolutionaries and that Margaret Sanger Quote was stuck in my head,” Revolution bartender Alyssa Segura said. “The brewers helped us design a recipe that started with the question of what we all wanted to drink. It was a total team effort on every level, and to see this tiny idea brewed to life was invigorating. It’s a big, flavorful IPA, and it was inspiring how Revolution absolutely had our backs on this idea.”

After a draft-only debut, this year’s batch will hit the market in cans as well. Last year, Revolution raised over $20,000 for Connections for Abused Women and Their Children with pours of Spirit of Revolt, and this year’s goal is to surpass that number.

The beer’s time as a featured release will culminate with an art show at the Revolution Taproom (3340 N. Kedzie) on Friday, March 8 – International Women’s Day. The event will feature a gallery display of work from local female artists.

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