Urban Artifact Introduces Kilobyte, the Fruit Tart Born of Dedication and Collaboration

Urban Artifact, the trailblazing craft brewery renowned for redefining the boundaries of real fruit and fresh ingredients, proudly presents Kilobyte, an exceptional Fruit Tart that embodies dedication, collaboration, and a heartfelt investment in each and every sip.

With an annual use of over a million pounds of fruit, Urban Artifact’s fruit brewing expertise prompted them to proudly define their signature beer style as a Fruit Tart, since it wanders from many of the traditions of typical brewing styles. Why blend in when you’re born to stand out? A Fruit Tart highlights the real fruit ingredients used in each recipe, with a crafted beer backbone to balance and enhance the natural color and flavors. The brewery earnestly searches for and experiments with all types of fruits from around the globe, with a special expertise and love of berries.

After discovering Golden Raspberries, a rare gem native to the Himalayan Mountains, Urban Artifact found themselves at a pivotal juncture in 2019. Bret Kollmann Baker, Chief of Operations at Urban Artifact, successfully worked with a US farmer to cultivate a crop of Golden Raspberries exclusively for Urban Artifact Brewery. This marks the first time acres of berries have been cultivated, grown, and – after three years – harvested specifically for a Fruit Tart.

Kilobyte takes center stage with its unique use of Golden Raspberries as the only fruit in this Midwest Fruit Tart. This brew is more than just the sum of its ingredients; it also bundles in the captivating story of the Urban Artifact team’s extraordinary determination to find and brew with this unique fruit.

Kilobyte beckons beer and fruit tart enthusiasts alike to savor the essence of those golden Himalayan raspberries in every single sip. The golden color is illusive, not far from a normal cloudy pale ale, but the flavor and aroma is 100% raspberry. Perhaps a tiny bit more sharp on the palate than a ripe red raspberry. This juicy and sneaky 10% abv hides its power behind that forceful real fruit flavor.

Kilobyte is now available in select locations throughout their 20-state distribution footprint, on Urban Artifact’s website, and on tap at the Urban Artifact brewery. Beer and Fruit Tart aficionados, as well as connoisseurs of craftsmanship, are cordially invited to experience Kilobyte firsthand and partake in the celebration of this remarkable creation.

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