Wiseacre to Join CSA Distributing for Colorado Distribution

Wiseacre Brewing Company is set to become a main-stay in the Colorado beer market. The conversation about the budding partnership began back in 2020 and Wiseacre will officially launch full-time distribution in the Colorado beer market March 8, 2021 bringing Tiny Bomb, Ananda, Gotta Get Up to Get Down, Bow Echo Hazy IPA, and variety packs.

“Some industry friends of ours’ response has been ‘Colorado – you’re going into the Lion’s Den, huh?’  Yes, Colorado is certainly one of the best beer markets in the world and from that perspective it is an absolute honor to have an opportunity through CSA to sell there at all.  At the same time, that thought doesn’t intimidate us because we’ll take the “Pepsi Challenge” with anyone, especially when it comes to Pilsner.  We have a cheat code so to speak in Memphis with the softest water in the country and most similar water profile to Pilsen, Czech Republic where the style originated.  This has allowed our Pilsner Tiny Bomb to become the best selling Tennessee made craft beer and the #9 selling craft pilsner in the country even though we are only sold in 15 states,” said Wiseacre Founder, Kellan Bartosch.

There is no denying that Coloradoans take their craft beer seriously. Breweries are becoming as common as Starbucks and standing out in the market is a challenge, but Wiseacre is ready for that challenge. They have perfected their brews and have collected medals from The Great American Beer Festival, The World Beer Cup and the Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer.

CSA General Manager, Alan Stone stated, “One of the bright spots in an incredibly challenging year (2020) for CSA was kicking off the conversation with Kellan at Wiseacre. Our strong supplier partnerships are the foundation of our business, and from day one, we felt another great partnership brewing. In a craft beer market dominated by IPAs, the buzz around Tiny Bomb is refreshing, and CSA is proud to add Tiny Bomb and the rest of the Wiseacre lineup to our portfolio. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Wiseacre Brewing Co. and their passion for quality craft beer to the Rocky Mountains.”

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