Why This Technology Has Lawson’s Excited for a New Release


Serving a Nitro product in your taproom is always a great way to add value to your portfolio and diversify your beer lineup. Being able to set up a nitro tap is a seemingly easy thing to do, but capturing that mouthfeel in a canned product has meant a lot of investment in technology and the use of widgets. But times have changed and new dosing systems are now available for use and it’s something that has Sean Lawson excited about.

For the end of the year, Lawson’s Finest Liquids is planning to release a Nitro Stout in cans for the first time.

“We just recently installed some new equipment on our line that will allow us to do nitrogenated cans,” said the founder of the Vermont brewery in early April to Brewer. “We did our first trial run of that [in March], and I was really pleased with the results.”

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This newer way of dosing cans has been on the Lawson’s team’s wish list for years.

“We have it year-round in our taproom,” he explained. “Draft is much easier to achieve and produce than to get the nitrogenated beer in the can properly so that it’ll pour the way that you expect it to. The technology has come along.”

Lawson said they tried out some beers from other breweries that are doing the direct dosing of liquid nitrogen into the can and found they were really good. They purchased the equipment and recently installed it on their canning line and did the trial run.

“It does not require a widget in the can but it does require some consumer education,” Lawson said. “You either need to shake the can gently before you pour it into the glass, or you need to give it a really vigorous pour when you’re up high above the glass to give it a vigorous pour.

“Get that nitrogen to break out of solution.”

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