Why Strong Communication Between Brew & Taproom Teams Count

​Aaron Uhl says he tries to create a family atmosphere with the Uhl’s Brewing ​team​ and it’s expected that each person holds everyone accountable all of the time, but in a positive way.

​”​The mantra is, the beer comes first, the employees are next, the customers follow them, and me as the owner, I am last on the totem pole,” he said. “I can not tell you how many times my requests have been vetoed by my employees.

“Every time it was for the beer, and that is something we all deeply respect. The most important reason to have everyone on board like this is to provide the ultimate experience to any customer that may walk in.”

The pandemic has made it hard for Cascade Brewing to get its pub staff over to the brewery and blending house, but Marketing Manager Nicholle Signore said that in the past it was a great way to build engagement amongst the staff. The brewery and blending house are located separately from the tasting room so she told Brewer they want to make sure things don’t ever feel disjointed.

“We are all on the same team and just because we don’t work in the same building doesn’t mean we should feel like we work for separate companies,” she said. “We used to be able to do field trips where the servers and bartenders could help in the blending of a beer or pick up shifts fruiting or bottling. This has been an obstacle with new restrictions and staffing shortages.”

The communication between the brewhouse and taproom is so important because you want to ensure there are no unnecessary dividing lines between the front- and back-of-house explained WeldWerks‘ Jake Goodman.

The Greeley, Colorado brand looks to have cross-team trust and understand that everyone’s roles and responsibilities may be different, but all are equally important.

“Our taproom staff needs to know how exacting our production team is, and our production team needs to know that the taproom will present their finished product with consistency and the knowledge necessary to educate our consumers,” Goodman said.

LUKI‘s Jeff Smith said he sees anyone working at the brewery to be there to delight their guests.

“Everyone in the chain needs to take a piece of that responsibility,” he said. “From having knowledgeable serving staff, to getting critical guest feedback to the brew team, to all of us agreeing to best practices no matter what the topic, we all have a part to play in creating a memorable experience.”

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