Whole Hog Goes Big on Italian-Style Pilsners with ‘Amanti’

Amanti is the latest release in the line of “next level brews” from Whole Hog Brewery, makers of Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale. Amanti is a big, balanced Italian-style pilsner with an American edge.   Brewmaster Mike Schraufnagel explains, “Compared to traditional European pilsners with crisp, dry finishes, Italian brewers would dry hop to add a nice, sweet hoppy nose. The result is a bit of a mind trick for your taste buds. It’s a balancing act of hoppy aroma and clean finish at the heart of Amanti.”

The name Amanti means “lovers” in Italian. Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott details what the name means to Whole Hog. “For one, our VP of Sales fell in love with Italian pilsners in Italy. When we started crafting our own take, it became a labor of love for our whole staff. We went through many test brews to arrive at this recipe. It’s the perfect balance.”

With Amanti, the goal was not to replicate Italian pilsners. Schraufnagel continues, “Whole Hog’s mantra is ‘innovative and outstanding.’ So for this Old World brew, our spin was to push the ABV as high as this style can handle [5.6%] while still being quenchable and refreshing above all else. Of the American entries in this category, we think Amanti is perfect. What’s not to love?”

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