White Labs Delivers the Easiest Way to Pitch the Most Verifiably Superior Yeast

As White Labs continues to push the brewing industry forward, refusing to ever say “good enough,” it is introducing PurePitch Next Generation, the most superior and consistent yeast on the market, in all-new optimized packaging to help commercial brewers make the best beer possible.  

Backed by more than 25 years of scientific exploration and technological innovation, White Labs continues to raise the bar in the art of fermentation with the launch of PurePitch Next Generation, featuring the verifiable quality and consistency professional brewers expect from White Labs’ yeast, in new easier-to-use packaging.

With the advent of PurePitch Next Generation, White Labs is innovating an easier way to pitch yeast while also consistently reaching the same cell count in every package. The new PurePitch Next Generation packaging is equipped with handles and a connectable port for seamless closed-system inline yeast transfers, making it easier for commercial brewers to pitch yeast, while preventing contamination. The new packaging also features a more breathable proprietary dual layer film, allowing more effective off-gassing to reduce product inflation and maintain yeast health.  

Because quality and consistency are the most important ingredients for making great beer, each package of PurePitch Next Generation goes through 38 quality checkpoints before it reaches the brewer, ensuring the yeast is the most verifiably superior yeast available. The new packaging includes a QR code with on-demand quality control data including precise cell counts and strain-specific information, along with detailed usage instructions.  

“Delivering perfect yeast is what drives us and our innovative spirit is tireless. From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast to this latest breakthrough with the PurePitch Next Generation packaging, we’re pushing the limits of science to set new standards in yeast freshness and consistency,” says Chris White, founder and CEO of White Labs. “While all yeast claims to be a ‘quality’ product, PurePitch Next Generation is quite literally the most verifiably superior yeast on the planet; and the 38 quality checkpoints, along with the cell counts and strain information on each package proves it.”  

PurePitch Next Generation also comes with improved pitching rates. The team at White Labs knows its yeast so well they can tell brewers exactly how much is needed to achieve perfect fermentation. The new online calculator available at yeastman.com ensures the perfect pitch rate, providing brewers with a customized recommendation based on their beer style, batch size, temperature and gravity. 

Through the company’s patented FlexCell process, PurePitch Next Generation yeast cultures are propagated in White Labs’ proprietary flexible reactors and sterile, nutrient-rich wort to create numerous large and healthy cells. The concentrated yeast slurry is then collected in the same container it will be delivered in to ensure the prevention of oxygen uptake and environmental exposure. This leads to the most verifiably superior yeast available.  

“We took all the feedback we heard from brewers and redesigned our PurePitch packaging to meet their specific needs. The science packed into this new optimized packaging means pitching yeast is easier and the consistency of cell count in every package is something commercial brewers can count on,” says Neva Parker, vice president of operations at White Labs. “And don’t worry home brewers – we’re already back in the lab exploring how we can put all the innovations behind PurePitch Next Generation to work in our home brew in the future.”  

PurePitch Next Generation is available today in a new 1.75 liter size, optimized for ease of use and maximum cell count, in two strains at yeastman.com and select distributors, with more strains expected to be added soon. Current strains available, include:  

  • WLP001 – California Ale Yeast,  White Labs’ best-selling yeast, famous for its clean flavors and hardy fermentations
  • WLP066 – London Fog Ale Yeast, White Labs’ go-to strain for New England-style IPAs

For more information on PurePitch Next Generation or White Labs, visit www.whitelabs.com.

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