PurePitch Next Generation Q&A with Chris White, White Labs

White Labs just announced the availability of PurePitch Next Generation for pro brewers. What can you tell us about it?
WHITE: Ever since launching the original PurePitch in 2014, we’ve been asking ourselves, “how can we make it even better?” We just announced PurePitch Next Generation, which is the culmination of years of conversations with brewers and a whole lot of innovation at White Labs. PurePitch Next Generation is the premium yeast we’ve always offered, with new proprietary packaging designed to give pro brewers an easier to use, verifiably consistent yeast with an optimized cell count. It’s not just a pretty package, though, in this case the packaging is critical to the health of the yeast. It’s made of a more breathable, fused dual layer film that allows our yeast to thrive, and includes functional updates like handles and an integrated resealable port to make brewers’ jobs easier. There’s a lot of science packed into this new packaging and it’s all designed to make the highest quality, best performing yeast that is easy for brewers to use.

What specific improvements are brewers going to see with PurePitch Next Generation?
WHITE: PurePitch Next Generation is superior to anything we have offered to date.

  • Easier to use – The new PurePitch Next Generation packaging is equipped with handles at the top and bottom and a port with a resealable cap, making it easier for commercial brewers to pitch yeast. The size and weight of the pouch is optimized for easier handling and the resealable cap means no more climbing up and down a ladder with scissors. Removing a yeast sample for in-house analysis is as simple as removing the cap.
  • Optimized cell count – PurePitch Next Generation provides a higher concentration of cells in every package, improved for the ways brewers are pitching today. The new 1.75L size is made to contain 2.15 Billion cells / mL and is designed to pitch 5 HL at a rate of 7.5 million cells / mL, all with an industry-leading four-month shelf life.
  • On-demand QC data – Our yeast goes through 38 points of verified quality checks with a complete QC of every lot after final packaging. The new packaging includes a QR code with on-demand quality control data including precise cell counts and lot-specific information, along with detailed usage instructions.
  • Customized pitch calculator – A new online calculator at yeastman.com ensures the perfect pitch rate, providing brewers a customized recommendation based on beer style, batch size, temperature and gravity. 
  • FlexCell difference –Through our patented FlexCell process, PurePitch Next Generation yeast cultures are propagated in our proprietary flexible reactors and sterile, nutrient-rich wort to create numerous healthy cells and prevent environmental exposure.   

When is PurePitch Next Generation available and where can brewers find it?
WHITE: PurePitch Next Generation is available today at yeastman.com in two of our most popular strains: WLP001 – California Ale Yeast and WLP066 – London Fog Ale Yeast. Check back often for more releases.

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