Why Deliberate Branding is Crucial

Whether your brewery is telling the story of your region, grasping a niche of consumers or creating a story, telling it through the bottles and cans on a shelf are vital to your brewery’s growth.

In Connecticut, Tuckerman Brewing opted for appealing to its locals by using the well-known Tuckerman’s Ravine in creating the brewery name and using a picture of the ravine in branding.

“Using the original 1937 photograph of the Ravine definitely grabs the attention of all outdoors enthusiasts for many reasons,” explained Lauren Hurteau, the brewery’s administrative assistant. “One thing we hear often are stories of people skiing it back in the day and how it brings back old memories. We have definitely seen growth in many ways by using the photograph.”

The brewery decided to go with more of a skiing theme as the Ravine draws crowds yearly for its famous steep slopes.

“It was important to find something original so we were granted permission to use an original 1937 photograph of skiers on the Ravine for our packaging and labels,” Hurteau said.

Zak Koga of Wisconsin’s Karben4 said the brewery did not want to compromise with its creative packaging.

“We designed and re-designed and delayed our bottling a full year to create a package in which we fully believed,” he said. “This has been a cornerstone to our growth.

“The liquid has to be good, but people need to choose the package first. The consumer is going to feel something whenever they look at a package.  We want them to smile and wonder what the hell is going on. We want them to be forced to take life a little less seriously and think about who they want to share the experience with.”

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