Ways to Increase Your Staff’s Brewhouse Knowledge

Photographs of Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis, MN. All images by Eliesa Johnson and The Restaurant Project ® .

​Allowing​ any member of your brew team to come to the table with new ideas or processes​ is always a plus in giving your facility another chance to grow.

That means furthering your brewer’s education as they continue to work. Being able to set aside both time and money to invest in your team can shower you back with benefits. It can start locally by being a part of your local guild and participating in panels and seminars at annual retreats along with adding in a trip to the national convention as well.​

​Ecliptic Brewing offers​ each employee a chance to look for educational opportunities that ​owner and Brewmaster John Harris could send ​his team. ​He sent a team to Hops and Brew School​ (put on by Yakima Chief Hops)​ this summer​, he also has a library of books​ on hand along with​ ​offering​ to pay for Cicerone training.

​”We invest in our team to do as much in house as possible,” he said.

​Wormtown Brewery pays for the yearly membership of the Master Brewers Association of Americas, which gives brewers access to the brewing industry’s technical and scientific journals. Continuing education through programs at the American Brewers Guild is helpful for Pelican Brewing, said founder and Brewmaster Darron Welch.

“We encourage our brewers to think critically about brewery processes and brewing techniques,” he said in a release. “The training and operating procedures in the brewery form the basis of practical experience and mesh with the coursework and knowledge from the ABG course.

“Together, the practical experience and deeper knowledge of brewing science and engineering equip our staff to be very purposeful in creating beer. It’s a challenging course but it prepares brewers for a long-term career in this industry.”

Proof Brewing holds periodic training sessions for employees ranging from beer styles to off-flavor tastings.

“Annual safety training and new-hire training are important for compliance and cohesion within the team,” said Lead Brewer David Kant-Rauch.

​He noted that everyone —​ ​from management on down —​ ​should always emphasize continuing education.

​”​People forget things over time and there are always new methods and information coming out​,” he said.

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