The Uses of Social Media Apps Like Untappd

Love it or hate it, craft beer drinkers use and consume the info they find on social media beer apps like Untappd.

“Social media is a necessary evil,” said Trevor Brown of Lone Pint Brewing. “Depending on the person behind the keyboard, social media is both your best friend and worst enemy.

“Most people are rational, but there’s always a few that crave sensationalism and probably should have been hugged more by their parents growing up.”

While Brian Dwyer is not a fan of Untappd as a rating system, the head brewer for Oasis Texas Brewing does use it for QA in the Market platform. That lends it to be a good tool for the Austin, Texas-based brewery.

“I’m able to trace specialty releases that are being consumed or poured while out of code,” he said. “We distribute throughout Texas and it is difficult to cover all that ground, so Untappd works as a great platform to identify draft accounts that are serving old beer or stores that are still selling out of date package.”

Brown said Lone Pint will occasionally log in to gauge consumer opinions on brands, but for the most part they do not use it.

Andrew Moore at Knee Deep said they don’t use Untappd to drive business.

“Our taproom stays busy with the other marketing strategies we always invest in,” he pointed out. But the California brewery does use Untappd in their taproom on TVs to display their beer list.

“We also use it to list all our beers produced,” he said. “The beer rating will obviously drive sales when a particular beer is rated high and vice versa.”

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